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Top Home Remedies For Ringworm

The name ringworm can be misleading because the cause of ringworm is not a worm but a fungus called tinea corporis. This fungal infection is similar to other fungal infections such as jock itch or athlete’s foot. Ringworm is very common in young children, especially in children who aged between two and ten. This is because ringworm can be transmitted between children, adults and pets. Ringworm is highly contagious and it can be spread even before the symptoms of the fungal infection begin to appear in the body. It can take several weeks to heal the infection and the Mayo Clinic suggests that unless the symptoms improve dramatically within a few weeks, it may take the use of a prescription anti-fungal medication to remove ringworm from the body. If someone who suffers from ringworm sees an increase in symptoms as well as serious swelling or fever, they should consult their doctor immediately.

Top Home Remedies For RingwormHaving a strong immune system can prevent fungal infections like ringworm. Dr. Geovanni Espinosa, a naturopathy expert who has written the book ‘1000 Cures for 200 Ailments’ suggests that eating a healthy and balanced diet can both improve the immune system and reduce the amount of fungi in the body. Dr. Espinosa says that eating a diet full of eggs, vegetables, chicken, yogurt, nuts, raw garlic and oils can work as a natural treatment for fungal infections. Raw garlic in particular is known for its anti-fungal properties that work both inside the body and out. Dr. Espinosa also suggests that limiting sugar is a good idea because sugar feeds the fungus and helps it develop. Avoiding sugary foods and especially foods that contain different types yeast and fungus in them already can help relieve fungal infections naturally.

Top Home Remedies For RingwormDr. Espinosa also talks about the supplements available on the market that will not only boost the immune system but also combat existing infections in the body. She suggests that taking a supplement with Caprylic acid in it will improve immune function. Caprylic acid in particular has anti-fungal functions and taking 1,000 mg of the supplement three times a day can improve existing fungal infections and prevent against new ones. A probiotic supplement can also support the body and immune system by helping the body to absorb the nutrients needed to prevent yeast and fungus overgrowth which can cause infections. Dr. Espinosa also suggests taking vitamin C as well as a multivitamin to support over all immune system health.

In his book ‘Healing without Medication’, Dr. Robert Rister suggests that herbs may be very effective in preventing and healing fungal infections. Dr. Rister suggests that tea treat oil is one of the most effective treatments for infections and is as effect as an over the counter treatment. To use tea tree oil as a treatment for ringworm, Dr. Rister says that a cream containing anywhere from 8% to 20% tea tree oil should be applied to the infected area from two or three times per day. He also suggests that increasing the amount of garlic in the diet as well as applying garlic topically can help heal ringworm infections. For those who do not enjoy garlic, there is a gel available on the market that contains the anti-fungal ingredient found in garlic and it is effective as a topical treatment with ringworm. It has also been suggested that taking an echinacea supplement may also work alongside a topical cream to relieve the suffering of ringworm.

How To Eradicate Ringworm

How To Eradicate Ringworm

A ringworm infection is not the result of a parasite, despite its misleading name. Ringworm is caused by a fungal infection and the name is reflection of the appearance of the infection on the skin. Ringworm manifests itself by appearing in a circle or ring shaped mark on the skin that is often red and looks as though it is a flaky or scaly. The effected area may be raised or flat on the skin and can provide irritation to those who are infected with it. In many cases, the fungus that causes the infection known as ringworm can be removed with an over the counter anti-fungal medicine. This medicine may be taken either orally or applied as a topical treatment to the affected area.

How To Eradicate RingwormTopical drugs may be purchased over the counter or as a prescription from a health care professional. These medicines can come in a variety of materials like ointments, creams, lotions or even powders. The active ingredients in many of these medications include miconazole, naftifine, terbinafine, butenafine, ketoconazole, clotrimazole or the drug tolnaftate. These drugs are the most effective when it comes to treating ringworm and a reputable or effective medication should contain one of these. Terbinafine is often listed as one of the most effective anti-fungal medicines for ringworm infections in particular. There are relatively few side effects that come along with these topical medications however it is important to use the medication as directed. If these over the counter topical medications do not clear up the infection, a doctor or health care physician may prescribe an anti-fungal medication is that is stronger than what is available over the counter.

Anti-fungal medications are also available as oral medications. These may be tried if the topical medications did not work to entirely eradicate the entire infection caused by ringworm. Many oral medications contain the same or similar active ingredients as the topical medications though they may vary in the level of concentration. Oral medication is particularly useful for treating ringworm when it has effected the scalp, toes or fingers. Oral medications may have more possible side effects than the topical treatments and some of the most common side effects might include rashes, upset stomach or abnormal liver functions.

How To Eradicate RingwormRingworm can take up to a month to treat even if the drugs are used exactly according to directions. If a ringworm infection lasts longer than a month, a doctor should be consulted because a stronger anti-fungal medication may be required to eradicate the infection. Medications that contain the active ingredient terbinafine may be more effective than other medications and the Langone Medical Center  has reported that this active ingredient can remove a ringworm infection in a period as short as one week.

If the case of ringworm is very persistent, additional treatment options may be required to eradicate ringworm. It is important to prevent ringworm from spreading whether that is from one infected area to another or between people. For this reason, it is important to wash and dry pajamas and bed linens everyday  as long as the infection exists because the fungus can live in linens and continue to infect those who touch them. Keeping the body clean and dry is another important element in preventing the spread of the infection.

Preventing ringworm is not always possible but certain steps can be taken to prevent the likelihood of contracting ringworm again. Try to minimize direct contact with animals or people who are infected with ringworm and do not share personal items such as towels, linens, or grooming supplies with them. To prevent fungal infections like jock itch or athlete’s foot, it is important to wear fabrics that do not trap moisture and to wear shoes that allow air to pass through. It is also important to wear shoes in public areas, especially in locker rooms or showers because these are prime places to contract fungal infections from the environment.

Fungus Fighting Herbs

The Fungus Fighting Herbs

Ringworm is a disease that is caused by different types of fungi that are called dermatophytes. Ringworm which is also known as tinea or dermatophytosis is the reaction of a parasitic fungus on the skin and it may affect any part of the body. There are different names for it depending on the part of the body it affects and these names include ‘body ringworm’, ‘nail ringworm’, ‘scalp ringworm’, ‘athlete’s foot’ or ‘jock itch.’ These fungal infections are often very contagious and they can be spread through direct contact with people or even through pets. When someone has been infected with ringworm, there will be small circles or rings of red skin that may look dry or scaly. If it infects the fingers or toes, the nails may look as though they are crumbling. There are several ways to treat this type of fungal infection including with herbs that have anti-fungal properties. However, if the infection does not go away after many weeks, it is best to contact a doctor or health care professional for additional treatment options.

The Fungus Fighting HerbsTea tree oil has been used as a medicinal herb for a very long term and it is a very versatile herb. It is often used to treat skin infections or animal bites but can also be used to treat wounds because it has both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Applying tea tree oil to areas which are infected by a tinea fungus can help to treat the areas. Tea tree oil should only be used topically and should never be ingested.

Myrrh is another traditional healing supplement. The resin from the tree is used to make medicine and it can be used in many settings. Myrrh is believed to have both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and when it is used in combination with other essential oils, it can be used as an effective solution or treatment for tinea fungus- particularly athlete’s foot.

Combining myrrh with lavender oil would both help to fight the fungal infection as well as relieve inflammation and soothe the skin around the damaged area. Myrrh should only be used topically and should not be ingested.

The Fungus Fighting HerbsMany herbalists use grapefruit seeds, rinds and even the pulp of the fruit to produce medicine that is said to have anti-fungal properties. Dr. Linda White and Steven Foster, a plant expert, recommend this type of treatment in their book ‘The Herbal Drugstore’. They suggest that applying a grapefruit medicine to the infected area several times a day will help relieve fungal infections.

The geranium plant may also relieve fungal infections caused by tinea. The geranium is a plant which is native to the country of South Africa however it is grown all over the world. It has been used as a remedy for many ailments including indigestion, diarrhea, worms, rheumatism and respiratory infections. The essential oils created from the geranium plant are said to have both antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which can help relieve the discomfort associated with tinea infections as well as provide a natural treatment for these types of fungal infections. To use geranium oil, apply it several times a day on the affected area. This oil should not be used on children nor should it be ingested.

Treating Ringworm in Infants

Treating Ringworm in Infants

Ringworm is a type of fungal infection that is very contagious and can be common among young children and babies. Despite its name, ringworm is not caused by parasitic worms but by a fungus called tinea corporis. When skin is infected with this fungus, small circle or ring-shaped patterns develop on the baby’s skin. These patterns can also be red, itchy and may have dry or scaly surfaces. It is the ring-shaped pattern that ringworm gets its name from.

Treating Ringworm in InfantsThe official medical term this affliction is tinea, however there are is more than one type of tinea infection. Each affliction is named depending on where they are on the body. Tinea corporis is the name of a ringworm infection that is on the body but there are other types including tinea pedia which is more commonly referred to as athlete’s foot or tinea cruris which is referred to as jock itch. If the ringworm infection is located on the scalp it is referred to as tinea capitis. Ringworm in children is most commonly developed on the body or the scalp and is rarely caught in the form of jock itch or athlete’s foot though it is not impossible for children to be infected with any of the types of tinea.

Children and babies may transmit ringworm in several ways. One of the most common ways to get ringworm is through direct contact with someone who is infected.  Tinea can also spread through personal items like linens or hair brushes that have not been properly cleaned after being handled by someone infected with ringworm. Pets, especially young pets, are also likely culprits in the spread of ringworm. Young puppies or kittens do not have the fully developed immune system needed to ward of ringworm and they are more prone to carrying it and passing it on than older animals may be.

Treating Ringworm in InfantsThe symptoms of ringworm are distinct and usually present in the same way with red circular rashes on the skin. The circles may be raise or flat and they can occur anywhere on the body. Sometimes the circles may be scaly and in fewer circumstances there might be blisters or small bumps on the lesions. In between the circles, skin usually appears as normal however the size of the infected areas can vary from being quite small to a couple of inches in diameter. These lesions are often very itchy and children may find them irritating. If the infection happens in the scalp, there might be some hair loss in the affected area.

Treating ringworm is usually done with an anti-fungal medication that may be purchased either from a pharmacy or by prescription from a medical professional.

One of the most common ingredients in this medications is called clotrimazole. This active ingredients an anti-fungal and is usually directed to be applied to infected areas twice a day. While babies might require two weeks of treatment at a minimum, often ringworm infections can take up to a month to remove entirely. It is important to consult a paediatrician when deciding what medication to use for a child’s rash, especially if the ringworm infection has not gotten better after two continuous weeks of using a medicine.

It is possible to avoid spreading ringworm between children and adults through hand washing. Washing your hands after dealing with an infected person can prevent the rampant spread of ringworm through a community. Children should be prevented from scratching their infected areas as this will in flame them as well as cause them to spread. Children’s clothing and linens should all be washed and dried carefully or else discarded in order to prevent the return or spread of ringworm. Ringworm can be contagious before symptoms occur and children are often clear of being contagious only 48 hours after treatment has begun.

Is It Ringworm?

Is It Ringworm?

Ringworm is an infection caused by fungus. It is very contagious and is easily passed between people through human contact or through contact with an object that is infected with ringworm. Ringworm can also be passed through soil. Ringworm is most commonly transmitted through pets with cats being large carriers of ringworm. Ringworm comes from a fungus and its scientific name is dermatophytes. What a fungus is called often depends on where it finds its host. A fungus that lives within a human’s skin is called ‘anthropophilic’ where as a fungus that lives within an animal’s skin is call ‘zoophilic’. There are types of fungi that live only in soil and these are referred to as ‘geophlic’ fungus. All three types of fungi produce spores that may infect humans, however a human’s immune response often does not react to anthrophilic fungus because they are so common in humans that they do not often spark a reaction. If a human has a skin reaction from an immune response to a dermatophyte, it is likely that this fungi is of the zoophilic or geophilic types.Is It Ringworm?

One kind type of ringworm infection can cause red, irritable patches in to appear on someone’s scalp. These patches are usually in a round shape and can grow over time. This type of ringworm is referred to as tinea capitis and it can leave bald patches on the affected areas of the scalp. This type of ringworm is very contagious especially among children who are still in school. The close contact allows tinea capitis to be passed from child to child as well as adults. Tinea capitis can also be passed from pets to their owners.

Tinea cruris is another common type of ringworm infection. Tinea cruris which is often referred to as ‘jock itch’ produces an irritated skin reaction in the groin area.

Is It Ringworm?This type of ringworm fungus thrives in areas that are dark and moist and so the groin area is an ideal place for tinea cruris to grow. The many sweat glands that are located here help the fungus to grow and if the area is not properly ventilated to allow for air flow, the fungus can get much worse.

Adult men suffer from tinea cruris more than any other age group. Tinea cruris is commonly passed by sharing towels between people.

Tinea pedia is a ringworm infection that often infects the feet. Often called ‘athlete’s foot’, tinea pedia often occurs between the toes because of the small spaces and moisture build up.

Wearing shoes that breathe and avoiding synthetic fiber in socks can help prevent the fungus from getting worse. The fungus can spread to the rest of the feet and often produces an uncomfortable itching or burning. Athlete’s food is often contracted in areas like pools, steam rooms or showers.

A ringworm infection that manifests in the body is often called ‘tinea corporis’. Tinea corporis lives under the surface of the skin and can produce rashes and red rings on the skin. There are many ways to be infected by tinea corporis and they include contact with animals, infected soils or by touching infected objects. The most common carriers of ringworm include cats, goats, ferrets, horses, dogs and rabbits.