Homeopathic Treatments for Ringworm in Children

If you have noticed circular scaly patches on the skin of your child’s body or scalp, it could indicate that they are infected with ringworm. While the name may lead you to think they are hosting a form of parasite, ringworm (or tinea corporis as it is known) is actually a fungus. A medical practitioner would diagnose this by taking a skin scraping of the affected site, and then would likely prescribe an anti-fungal cream. There are also a number of natural and home-based remedies that can be used to treat ringworm, including iodine and neem oil.
This may be very affective for some, but if you find your child is suffering recurring infections of ringworm, you could find a long-term solution by exploring how homeopathy can benefit him. Of course you should also rule out all factors that could be reinfecting your child. These include washing bedding on a high temperature and checking none of your pets are infected with ringworm. Also inform your child’s school so that other children can be checked for ringworm infections because it is so contagious.

Homeopathy and Fungal Infections

Homeopathic Treatments for Ringworm in ChildrenWhile it is termed an alternative medical treatment, homeopathy is different from herbal or Chinese medicine. It is also considered a holistic medicine. This means it treats the whole person, not just the physical symptoms of the disease or infection. It works by stimulating your body’s ability to heal by using minute amounts of natural substances.
If you are rundown or your immune system is compromised you are more prone to a ringworm infection, which is why this holistic approach to treatment is considered very effective. By working with a homoeopathist, you will be able to treat the ringworm by addressing the factors that are making you more susceptible to it. Homeopathic treatment for ringworm in children is safe.

If they are too small to take the tiny pills, or are resistant to it, your homeopathist may be able to put together a treatment plan in a topical form. It is advisable to check with your medical practitioner before you proceed with any treatment that is offered to you.

What Treatments Will Work

There are a wide range of homeopathic medicines that are suitable for rebalancing your body to heal a fungal infection. Your homoeopathist will need to look at the location of the lesions, what it feels like (is it itchy or sore?) and the severity. Based on these factors you or your child will be given an individualized remedy.
Because homeopathy works on the philosophy of treating “like with like” some of the treatments may be derived from materials that taken in large doses can call illness. As homeopathy uses such tiny doses, it will stimulate your body’s defenses, promoting healing rather than harm.
The homeopathy pellets you may be prescribed to treat ringworm include:

Homeopathic Treatments for Ringworm in ChildrenBacillinum


Calcaria Carb


Apis Mel


Merc Sol

Rhus Tox