This review of Blue Star Ointment gives consumers a short insight on this ringworm treatment. Nowadays, consumers tend to have a hard time when it comes to treating ringworm, and research shows that such is due to the ineffectiveness of many ringworm treatments on the market. Yet, Blue Star Ointment proves that it is highly effective in fighting ringworm because of its all-action effects provided by its clinically-tested ingredients. With proper usage, consumers can experience the full benefits of Blue Star Ointment in keeping their skin healthy and safe against ringworm. Read on to find out more valuable information on Blue Star Ointment.


Blue Star Ointment contains 1.24% camphor as its active ingredient, giving it the means to provide immediate relief against ringworm as it is a topical analgesic that eliminates itching right away. At the same time, Blue Star Ointment also uses a host of all-natural inactive ingredients that provide the best supplemental effects for relief against ringworm: benzoic acid, lanolin oil, methyl salicylate, mineral oil, paraffin wax, petrolatum, salicylic acid, and aloe vera.


Consumers are recommended to use Blue Star Ointment for at least three to four times daily on all areas affected by ringworm.

Possible Side Effects

It is well understood that Blue Star Ointment does not provide harmful side effects. Nonetheless, it is best to maximize the use of Blue Star Ointment by stringently paying attention to its proper usage. For instance, consumers must first consult their dermatologist to see whether their skin is suitable for Blue Star Ointment. In fact, the maker of Blue Star Ointment categorically stated that children below two years old must have a check-up with their dermatologist in order to check their suitability. Also, it is important for consumers to understand that sharing their Blue Star Ointment to others would only induce them to spread ringworm, which is why they should only use theirs exclusively.


For just $7.99, consumers can get their very own bottle of Blue Star Ointment. Comparatively, Blue Star Ointment is a highly affordable solution to ringworm and it is also retailed by different merchants, making it a fairly accessible ringworm treatment to consumers.


Blue Star Ointment comes with its very own money-back guarantee, which consumers may choose to avail in case they are dissatisfied with its effects. This makes Blue Star Ointment a risk-free choice for consumers.


Overall, Blue Star Ointment is a sensible ringworm treatment that is not only effective but also affordable.  Relief is guaranteed with Blue Star Ointment’s active ingredient of 1.24% camphor which has been clinically tested and proven safe for consumers. Nonetheless, consumers, especially those under two years old, must make it a point to undergo consultations with their dermatologist first in order for them to check whether Blue Star Ointment is suitable for them. Once the dermatologist recommends against the use of Blue Star Ointment, consumers are advised to opt for other choices.

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