This is our review of the Blis-To-Sol Anti-Fungal Liquid. It is a product used to treat fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and ringworm. It can also be used to help prevent other skin irritations such as itching, burning sensations and skin cracking. How effective is this product? Read on below for more information about this anti-fungal remedy ointment.




This product uses several antifungal and antibacterial agents to help stem the growth of skin infections. The active ingredient found in this ointment is:

  • Tolnaftate (1%)

It also contains inactive ingredients that primarily help keep skin clean and protected from infections. These inactive ingredients are:

  • Acetone
  • D&C Red #22 (cosmetic colorant)
  • PEG-8
  • Thumol (167-253)


Before applying this ointment make sure that you have cleaned the affected area thoroughly with water and soap. Please ensure that the area is dried off before application of the product. Apply this treatment two times per day (morning and night). For those who are treating athlete’s foot, take special note of the areas between the toes and apply a thin layer of ointment on those areas as well. Treatment of athlete’s foot and ring worm will usually take up to 4 weeks as stated on the label.

Side Effects

There are no noted side effects caused by this product. However, it is stated i\on the bottle that if any form of irritation occurs upon use of this treatment it is highly advisable that you stop application of the ointment at once. Also, if you do not see any improvement after 4 weeks be sure to contact your doctor immediately.


This product is sold for $6.77 per bottle. The official website currently does not offer any monthly supply packages at the moment. It is available in most drugstores and online stores and some of these websites offer discounts to the products sold in their site so be sure to take note of this if you plan on purchasing this anti-fungal treatment product.


We could not find any form of money back guarantee for this product on its official website. But it should also be noted that this has a high customer rating on several online stores. It could be quite worrisome to purchase treatments of this nature that offers no refund as the chances of it being ineffective in your case is always present. This causes some concern as there will be no way for customers who purchased this product to get a refund if they are unsatisfied with this product.


This product currently has a rather high rating in most online stores. It is also quite affordable as well. However, we found that it uses cosmetic colorants which might cause some side effects for individuals who have exceptionally sensitive skin. The lack of guarantee should also be noted and because you cant get a refund if you aren’t pleased with the results, perhaps you should keep looking for a different anti-fungal product.

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